Tipping For Grocery Delivery

 Tipping For Grocery Delivery

When it comes to the service industry, most people would tip their posh restaurant waiters between 10-20% on average. This doesn’t always go for the person who takes  250x Cream Chargers Delivery your daily provisions to your door. As a free service to the hardworking grocery delivery people out there, let’s list the many reasons why you should tip the only person you meet from the grocery delivery service.

· Tips is said to stand for “to insure prompt service”. Grocery delivery tips could also stand for “to insure proper shipment”.

· People who do grocery based delivery and people in similar service industries, in general, get less than minimum wage. You are therefore paying for better service, especially if you plan to get grocery delivery regularly.

· Because they’re getting minimum wage, you’re not paying for that extra smile and courteous attitude. It’s the least you could do for the person who took the time to go through traffic for you.

· By leaving a tip, you are showing your compassion for someone who is adding a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal service.

· Grocery delivery is always at its peak during bad weather. The poor guy is bringing you your basic necessities through rain, snow, sleet, and hail.

· Driving is tiring work. This is particularly true if you’re working with manual shifts and large vans that require careful sharp turns and reverse maneuvers.

· Lugging grocery items from the store to your home can be brow-beating. This may not be true for larger stores who can afford to pay for forklifts and additional labor. They also usually cost more.

· You live on top of a hill. Would you provide great grocery delivery service if the customer lived on the tenth floor of an apartment with a broken elevator and is notorious for being a stingy miser?

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