Massage Chairs For Pain relief

Do you know the most common method for pain relief? It is taking pharmaceutical drugs. We are a society that does not like to suffer from pain. However, our favorite choice is to reach into the medicine cabinet for relief. Obviously, pharmaceutical drugs have their place for certain conditions or injuries, but we take them for almost any ailment. Do you know the second most common method for pain relief? Massage therapy.

Massage therapy is second to taking pharmaceutical drugs. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, massage therapy is a natural remedy that has been performed throughout the ages. Massage is very effective to reduce aches, pains and soreness of muscles and soft tissues 해운대출장안마. It helps to relax the body and to increase mental awareness. Massage therapy is very natural and does not build addiction or dependence.

There are many different massage therapy techniques. Some of the more popular ones are Swedish, shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology, and deep tissue. Each of the techniques targets particular areas and has specific benefits. All of these massage therapy techniques are available in massage chairs.

Massage chairs are starting to become more main stream as a legitimate health enhancer. The massage therapies are replicated with great precision to deliver effective relief. They offer full body massage capabilities and can cover you from head to toe.

Most people view massage chairs as expensive luxury items. The reality is that if you need massage therapy, they are the most economic method to obtain it. Massage chairs are designed to last 1, 000 to 2, 000 hours. For a $3, 000 massage chair that is about $3. 00 per hour for massage therapy. Compare that to a masseuse at $50. 00 per hour plus tip.

A massage chair is tremendously convenient. It is always ready and waiting for you. You can have it at your home or office. It provides massage therapy in parallel which means you have a quick 5 minute full body massage for a quick refresher. It never gets tired, so you can go as long as you like.

Some of the best massage chair brands offer a vast array of massage therapies to choose from. You can find Swedish, Hawaiian, sports, deep tissue, and many others. You can also select the areas to focus, whether it is your whole back, neck, shoulders or a specific point. These massage chairs provide effective pain relief.

Top brands like Sanyo, Omega and Panasonic not only offer excellent massage therapy in their massage chairs. They also come with other complimentary therapies to soothe and relax you. You can find MP3 music players to help take your mind off your busy day. You can find lower body traction to stretch out the muscles and improve your flexibility to mention a few.

If you suffer from aches, pains and soreness, then a massage chair may be a great alternative for you. You can get consistent full body relief in the comfort and convenience of home. Massage chairs have a tremendous variety of full body massage therapies to choose from. It is a natural and healthy alternative to reliance on pharmaceutical drugs. If you use a massage chair consistently, it is the most economical form of massage therapy available today. We take a look at the Omega Montage Premier massage chair in this product review. The Omega Montage Premier is the top of the line for Omega. This massage chair has an awesome array of features to please the biggest massage enthusiasts. We will walk through a few of the top features of this massage recliner. Also, we will present the warranty coverage as well. Let us take you through the advanced functions of the Montage Premier by Omega.

The Montage Premier is the high end massage recliner in the Omega massage chair line. Before we jump into the features, let us take a quick look at the warranty coverage for this recliner. The warranty coverage is important for your long term enjoyment and relaxation. Omega provides you with 5 years on the frame, 3 years on parts, 3 years on labor, 1 year of parts shipping and 90 days in home service. This is a solid and comprehensive warranty which you would expect in this category of massage chair.

What about the features? Let us take a look at the advanced features of the Montage Premier. When you start the massage, the Montage Premier makes a scan of your back. It locates your neck and shoulders and maps out your acupressure points. These data points are feed into the computer program. The program is then adjusted based on your individual map of your body.

There is a vast array of massage techniques available in the Montage Premier. There are 5 one-touch automatic programs, 4 manual massage techniques and 6 back and shoulder massage courses. The 5 automatic programs have certain themes like nighttime, relaxation, activation which tailor the massage for particular results. One very unique massage is the upper neck and the shoulder and neck massage. You can pinpoint these areas with your favorite technique for soothing relief.

The Montage Premier has an air massage system. The air massage system uses airbags throughout the recliner to provide a compression type massage. The air massage system covers your arm, hands, buttocks, thighs, hips calves, and feet. The air system provides a firm or gentle squeeze, hold and release. This 3 part action helps to reduce stiffness and relieve aches and pains.

This massage chair was designed for the American market. It can accommodate persons up to 6′ 6″ and 300lbs. You get 30 inches of travel for the roller mechanism which covers the back, neck and shoulders. The leg rest can be extended out another 4 inches for those with longer legs. Most massage chairs are designed in Asia and exported to the American market. Omega is the first to make a massage chair for the American body type.

If you enjoy a great foot massage, then Omega’s Footflex massage is for you. Omega uses a combination of airbags. They use airbags to hold the top of the foot. A reflexology massage is used to relax the whole body. A heal airbag is then activated to relieve tension in the back of the foot. Then an arch airbag is activated to stretch the foot and reduce stiffness. This is an amazing massage for total body relief.

The Montage Premier comes with some vital extra functions to compliment the arsenal of massage therapy. It has lower body traction to stretch out the legs. To relax your mind, an Mp3 player is built in and comes with headphones. Tune out the world and relax your mind. The Montage comes with full body heat with individual heater controls for the back, seat and leg rest. You can even synchronize the massage movements to the tempo of your music with the music-sync function.

The Montage Premier is a massage therapy and relaxation massage machine. This luxury massage chair comes with solid and effective massage therapy. It has excellent complimentary features like music, heat and stretching. You get a comprehensive warranty without the need to purchase an extended warranty. If you are looking at getting the most effective massage chair, then you have to try the Montage Premier by Omega Massage.

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