Is Alcohol Really That Bad For You?

Every human being naturally produces some alcohol; in fact if no alcohol was produced by our body we would die. So why is it that in the mass media we constantly hear about how bad alcohol is for us? If we look at some of the research, we find that doctors actually recommend that we drink a glass of wine every day แหล่งขายเหล้า. Where then does alcohol become bad for you? We will explore alcohol including topics such as why the government decided that you can go die for your country and vote for the next president and even decide the fate of other people by being in a jury, but are not allowed to drink; and what science has to say about alcohol.

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Why do you have to be twenty one years old to drink and gamble when you can vote sit on a jury and even die for your county in a war at eighteen? Well really a simple history lesson will answer that question. During the Vietnam War, United States needed more people to become soldiers so they lowered the minimum age to vote, be a part of a jury, and to join the Army. You see before this all of these things had a minimum age of twenty one. When states tried lowering the drinking age to eighteen they quickly noticed that alcohol related car accidents increased, so by 1988, required by a litigation that Ronald Reagan signed into law, all states raised their minimum drinking age to twenty one. As more and more studies are done, they continue to confirm that being twenty one does reduce alcohol related traffic deaths.

So other than the irresponsible behavior of children, adults too, of drinking and getting behind the wheel, is alcohol as bad as they say it is? This is one area where we did find some discrepancy in. First of all, fetal alcohol syndrome is a real problem. Too much alcohol can, and most likely will, create permanent damage to your unborn infant. Please notice the “too much.” It is probably best to avoid alcohol altogether through the pregnancy, however no scientific evidence exists to support this. In fact some doctors recommend a glass of wine a few times a week even when pregnant.

Beyond that. almost everything else that we are “fed” via interest groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving are fallacies. There is no scientific evidence that verifies that alcohol kills brain cells or that alcohol causes alcoholism. In fact scientific evidence proves quite the opposite. Did you know that if alcohol production stopped altogether and none could be found anywhere then we would have an estimated one hundred and thirty thousand additional people who would die from heart disease?

Alcoholism is described as an addiction to alcohol, however that is a very simplistic look at the situation, it could perhaps be better understood if it was called an addiction, which it is sometimes, than alcoholism. Alcohol is only a means. Alcohol here is only an escape from reality. Alcohol can be replaced with marijuana or other drugs, video games, television, even sex, especially cheating. So when we look at alcohol from that perspective we can see that it is not the alcohol itself that is the problem, but the reason for which it is used. Sex, television, video games, alcohol, and perhaps even drugs can be okay if used in moderation.

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