How To Letter Your Cartoons

The usual term for the spaces in which spoken words are contained in cartoons is a “balloon”. This is so called whatever the actual shape of the space. Lettering in a cartoon is an important feature, and it is well worth studying a few simple rules to make your cartoons look professional and easy to read.

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Firstly your letters should be very plain and simple. Compare them to the use of Arial or Helvetica typestyles in printing, or on the web. These two styles are among the most popular because of their plain, non fussy style, and are pretty easy to read in most sizes เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์ . So, avoid fancy flourishes and curlicues, and capital letters should be the rule rather than the exception.You do not need much space between your letters in a balloon, but on the other hand do not crowd your letters and words. Make all your letters vertical, and avoid mixing slanting (italic) letters with vertical.

For the sake of neatness do not attempt to letter without first drawing some faint parallel guidelines, sketch the letters in lightly with pencil before inking. A good tip is to cut slots in the form of parallel guidelines out of a piece of thin card. A standard business card is ideal. Cut out two or three of these for letters of different heights. Use a pen whose point has become blunted with use for lettering. A new broad-nibbed pen may be used, but never a new fine pointed pen.

When you are lettering your cartoons, you should bear in mind that all drawings intended for publication, with rare exceptions, will be reduced in size before the printing process. Usually your drawing will be reduced by one half, although occasionally it will be a little more or less. So an original drawing of four by four inches will appear as a two by two inch drawing.

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